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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Pocket Full of Treasures...A Collaboration by Sharon Campbell and Rachel Ramchurn

Sharon Campbell and myself devised this project when Chapel Street Primary School asked us to create a sculpture for their EYFS (nursery and reception) playground. We wanted to create an interactive sculpture that the children could connect with through 'treasures' that they hold dear, those small trinkets that hold big stories.

We also got the children to look at natural treasures found in the woodland area, small buds, seeds, pods, the shape of leaves...and we encouraged them to be inspired by these to make their own clay treasures that we then put in our 'Gallery of Guilded Frames'. I took inspiration from these clay treasures to create the final wood sculpture and many of the small trinkets that children brought to the workshop ended up in the treasures that Sharon created.

Head Teacher Jonathan Power

For the full project please go to thanks.

The Sculpture comming together....


The Sycamore was selected from Sherwood Forest, and then carved in my studio.

Checking there is enough depth to hold treasures!

 A few coats of Teak oil...

Magnets in the treasures are attracted to the bolts that I have attached to the top and underside of the sculpture.

'The Gallery of Gilded Frames' Workshops at Chapel Street Primary School for a Pocket Full of Treasures...

What a joy to be working with Nursery and Reception pupils! They made some gorgeous work inspired by the Woodland area to go in our 'Gallery of Gilded Frames'

Monday, July 11, 2016


This summer has started to get busy, here are some pics from a recent workshop at Swinton Grove Park.

'Come and help re-create all the fun of the day with our Swinton Grove tribute Mural, collaging with tissue paper, fabric and sparkles you can even put yourself in the picture! Don't forget to decorate your own park animal to take home with you, with a choice of squirals, birds, foxes and butterflies there is something for everyone!'

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Arley Hall and Gardens Sculpture Garden 2016

I have been invited back to Arley Hall and Gardens and this year wanted to really celebrate the Grove. This piece has been made with locally sourced Walnut wood that I worked with over a few days. Inspiration for this piece has come from the smooth curves and flow found in the shapes of leaves in the Grove. The wood and I had a very good conversation and the final sculpture is far removed from the initial sketches and I really wanted to make the most of the beautiful grains and rings found inside the wood. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I have a new website!

A new look for my work:

Monday, March 9, 2015

Installation and Treestation Update....

And it is Installed! So my husband came down and took a few pictures, it is shaping up nicely now all I need are a few dry days!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Treestation...

As part of the Salford Meadows Commssion I am being housed at the Treestation and have got a sweet spot for all my gear and have started cutting this week. So far things seem to be going well.

Crochet: LIVE at Z-Arts

So in a comedy moment I decided to make a full crochet costume and let Amanda Debrowski respond to it and the audience and she saw fit. The result was bizarre, quirky and fun.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Salford Meadows Commission

Great news, one of my proposals has been accepted for the Irwell valley - Salford Meadows Sculpture Commission. The theme for the commissions seeks to build on the story presented by the winners of the international design competition for the proposed new bridge connection from The Crescent to the Meadow which is as follows: In the meadow a boy found a curious seed he put the seed in his pocket and started to run home. He bounded through the long grass in search of a way across the river in his excitement the seed had jumped from his pocket. The next day he returned from the city to the meadow from the seed a delicate tendril had grown to connect the meadow to the city. “…From the seed a delicate tendril had grown to connect the meadow to the city” Rachel’s proposals tie in with the idea of delicate tendrils making their way from one sculpture to the other, as if they themselves are connected underground and have come from one seed. Smooth curving forms, large planes of soft silky wood undulating with life, twists and turns -each sculpture shall have it’s own identity that has been inspired by the meadows and the trees and plants that grow on it. Sculpture 1 A large tendril escaping from the earth bursting into life with large curvaceous ends. With distinct lines running up the sides, this piece encourages the viewers eye to travel up the sculpture where they finally rest on bulbous forms, inspired by White beam berries.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Grove Sculpture Garden at Arley Hall

I made two pieces at the beginning of this year that are installed at Arley Hall as part of the new Sculpture Garden in the Grove. I am hoping to add to this collection through the year. All the pieces in the Grove are for sale. My sculptures at Arley Hall reflect the uniqueness of The Grove, through ‘viewing holes’ you become aware of dewy blades of grass, flowers blooming and trees bursting up to the skies.